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5 Unique Ways to Create Team Cohesion in a Hybrid Workplace

7 mins read

Jun 13, 2022

If part of your team works from home and another part works in the office, you’ve got your work cut out for you! It takes a strong, creative leader to foster team cohesion when your company is scattered across many different locations.

But even if it seems impossible, developing a close-knit hybrid team is within your reach.

Why Is Team Cohesion Important?

It doesn’t take long for most corporate leaders to realize the importance of team cohesion. Without team cohesion (when a team is completely detached from one another) productivity takes a nosedive.

But there’s more to it than that! Check out three reasons why team cohesion is essential for your company’s success.

Your Team’s Communication Will Improve

Think about your closest friends and family members. Your communication with them is likely more frequent and natural than with people you aren’t as close to! The same thing applies to working relationships.

When team members feel close with one another, communication becomes more automatic and stress-free throughout the day. You’re likely to see more creative, helpful ideas emerge when teammates become friends (or at least esteemed colleagues) because they’ll be troubleshooting and inspiring each other without facilitation.

Team Cohesion Helps Your Team Stay Engaged and Excited

Can you think of anything more bland than going to work everyday with people you don’t like (or barely know)?

Hybrid teams are particularly vulnerable to “stranger danger” around their coworkers! We’re not talking about the kind of danger where people fear abduction, but instead, the kind that makes them dread going to work for fear of boredom.

Work has a lot more zest when you enjoy the people you work with. No matter how many team members work from home or in-office, they deserve the same enthusiastic welcome from their coworkers. Make every person feel like an important ingredient in the pot.

Everyone Will Be More Productive and Efficient

Team cohesion yields a greater performance overall. With closeness throughout the team, everyone feels a stronger urgency to do well and pull their own weight. Teammates are less likely to fail if they feel a responsibility to succeed for their counterparts.

Not to mention more cohesive teams are more synchronized with each other! You can expect your company to produce work more efficiently when each team member is engaged with the people around them.

5 Unique Ways to Promote Team Cohesion in Your Hybrid Workplace

If you’re struggling to find ways to build team cohesion between your team members in the office and at home, you’re not alone. Many corporate leaders are adapting to ever-changing team dynamics! Here are some strategies to help you out.

Pair Up People From Separate Teams for a Group Activity

A great way to bridge the gap between office- and home-dwellers is to mix and match for group assignments. Think beyond your task lists when you set this up!

For example, a team-building challenge or game would spark conversation between on-site and off-site employees. Try organizing a virtual scavenger hunt or “name that person” trivia game that everyone can participate in.

Host an Event That’s Optimized for In-Person and Remote Team Members

Just because your teammates aren’t all in one location doesn’t mean you can’t party! Delicious Experiences has several hybrid events to help all sorts of companies whip up team cohesion.

With our hybrid Experiences, remote and in-office employees all get to join the fun. Everyone gets the same kits and connects together, so every single employee is able to enjoy themselves on equal footing.

We arrange everything so you don’t have to—including sending ingredients to your office and your remote team members’ homes. Your team will be connected via video call for a decadent event they won’t soon forget!

Celebrate Everyone’s Wins

A huge component to building team cohesion is fair recognition for all team members, regardless of where they work from. This means giving office and home teammates due rewards for jobs well done.

You may be able to literally pat your office crew on the back, but ensure your remote team is part of the action by announcing team shoutouts online. Make it a point to send out certificates, notes, or small gifts so everyone gets equal attention.

Send Out a Company-Wide Personality Quiz

This strategy is more direct than some others. If you really want your virtual and in-person team members to get to know one another, you can set up personality tests to reveal what makes each teammate tick.

Ask questions such as:

  • What is your preferred conflict-resolution style?
  • How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
  • What is your favorite meal?

Have your team question each other or read the results out loud and guess who said what!

Make Your Mentor Program Virtual

Mentor programs are popular across in-person teams, but not all companies have adapted their programs to include virtual teammates. Now’s the time—order up! This is your sign to design or tweak your mentorship program to enhance your hybrid team spirit.

Pairing off virtual and in-office teammates as mentors and mentees is a surefire way to inspire long-lasting professional relationships. A distanced format enhances the concept that every team member (regardless of location) is valued and qualified to answer questions to drive your company forward.

It may be challenging to foster team cohesion across your hybrid organization, but you can do it by implementing some of these creative strategies. Start off by contacting us at Delicious Experiences! We’ll get everyone on your team relaxed and getting along… whether they take part in your office breakroom or from their home kitchens!


Delicious Experiences helps companies bring remote teams together to celebrate and deepen their bond, strengthen connections with clients, and improve employee happiness. Our unique culinary experiences focus on bringing people together through engaging, fun, virtual, hands-on events that help catapult your teams and clients to a different time and place.

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