Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Delicious Experiences?

    Delicious Experiences are unique, private, live virtual culinary experiences led by the world’s top culinary experts. You can schedule your Delicious Experiences through slot and a given class with a chef. Your host will walk you through exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, in an interactive way! No two classes are alike, as each is uniquely curated by the culinary expert.

    Our experiences are not pre-recorded distance learning classes, or group classes where you sit back and watch someone else cook. In this private class, you (and your family/friends) are the main star(s) of the kitchen, as you cook live and “in-person” alongside your expert through video conferencing.

  2. What types of Experiences are offered?

    Everything under the culinary sun! If it has to do with food, we’re here for it. Our Delicious experts teach cooking classes, wine tasting workshops, mixology lessons, baking classes, food photography, food writing, virtual food tours, and other food appreciation classes.

    Each of the offerings have been curated to teach the expert’s specialty and can range from learning a certain type of regional cuisine to skills training or home-cook basics like learning about baking doughs or the wines of a region.

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  3. Who are the Chefs and Culinary Experts?

    Our seasoned experts come from around the world -- the award-winning chefs, mixologists and gurus whose restaurants/bars you would be visiting when traveling to their city, or the cooking schools in destinations you would love to be visiting. Our chefs and experts are highly talented and globally-acclaimed experts who know the best way to offer their knowledge and skill is a private, up close and personal session.

    Our experts have won just about every culinary accolade imaginable - James Beard, Michelin Star, Top 50 in the World, New York Times bestsellers, and the list goes on and on. You will be learning from the best of the best.

  4. Who are your classes meant for?

    Anyone who loves to have fun and learn new things! We are thrilled to offer a variety of classes for all skill levels - kitchen first-timers, family-friendly options for fun with little ones, ambitious home cooks who want to mix things up a bit, and up to skilled chefs looking to perfect a dish or cuisine. Whether you are up for a fun date night, team-building exercise, celebrating an occasion, or looking for a fun activity to spice up your weekend, our Delicious Experiences offer something for everyone.

  5. Do you offer gift certificates?

    We sure do! Send an email to [email protected] to purchase a gift certificate.

  6. Can I book an experience for someone else?

    Yes! Simply purchase a gift certificate for a specific experience/chef or a blanket amount that can be sent directly to a recipient of your choice. Your lucky gift recipient will then be able to coordinate directly with the chef to find the most appropriate time or select a workshop of their choosing.

  7. A dish I want to make isn’t in any of the classes / I want to book a specific chef, but not their menu offering / I want to learn a specific skill. Do you offer custom options?

    Yes! Our chefs always love to mix it up and are excited to do custom menus. They can even help you recreate your favorite restaurant dish or something you tasted on your travels.

    Please contact us and we will be happy to try and accommodate your requested experiences through our unparalleled access to top chefs.

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  8. Are all of the classes private?

    Yes! Just you and yours. Delicious Experiences are not open group sessions. Depending on the experience, these are suitable for groups of 1-6, and are always private - just you and your friends/family/colleagues and the Delicious expert.

  9. Are these interactive?

    Yes! This is the most important part of Delicious Experiences - you should get ready to roll up your sleeves and join the culinary adventure. Unlike pre-recorded online video class options or large, open-group Zoom chats, our private classes are designed to maximize interaction and value by having you learning the skills first-hand from chefs. You’ll receive valuable instruction by having the chef/instructor guide you personally through your experience, leaving no guesswork for you.

  10. How long are classes?

    The experts have set an approximate duration (which can be seen on each offering page) ranging from 1 hour to 3+ hours. The actual length of time may differ based on skill level and how prepared you come to the class. We strongly recommend carefully reading and following what advanced preparation you should do, like measuring ingredients in advance. This will clear up more time for the fun parts!

  11. Sounds fun! How do I book?

    At the bottom of each experience page you’ll see a booking form. Click the date to see when your instructor is available and choose the time that works for you. Finish the booking process and we’ll notify the chef of the booking and you will receive a confirmation email. Note that your card will not be charged until the chef has confirmed your booking.

  12. I am not sure I want to do this in my own kitchen

    There are a few fantastic benefits of doing these in your home. First, is that when you learn how to use your own kitchen space, you will have an easier time recreating these dishes in the future. Second, and especially in our current situation, using your own space means that you can rest assured that it will be sanitary according to your standards, and you won’t need to share the food space with unfamiliar people.

  13. I’m missing an ingredient (or more) or can’t access it near me. Can I still do the class?

    Of course you can! Each offering lists the necessary ingredients, taking into account general availability, but our skilled chefs have years of experience improvising and substituting, and are happy to work with what you have. Please notify them in advance so they can maximize your Delicious Experience.

  14. How do I contact my chef before the experience?

    Once your Delicious expert has confirmed your booking, you will be able to chat with your host through the Delicious Experiences platform.

  15. How do I connect with my chef/expert (technology-wise)?

    Your booking confirmation email will provide you with your web conference details. Please be in touch with our Delicious Experiences Concierge if you have any questions.

  16. What technology do I need?

    Delicious Experiences are designed to take place in the comfort of your own home, and you don’t need to be a tech guru to enjoy them. The only technology that you need to enjoy this experience is a laptop (or phone, though we recommend laptop for better visibility) with audiovisual capabilities so you can see and hear your chef and they can see and hear you, and a solid internet connection. Any additional equipment you have such as a tripod or speakers are great.

  17. How much does it cost? Is it per person?

    Delicious Experiences prices are set by the expert and each session’s cost is listed on its Delicious offering page. Private experiences are a flat rate, not per person, for groups of up to 6. If your group will be more than 6 people, there may be a supplemental fee.

  18. What is included in a Delicious Experience?

    Your Delicious Experience includes:

    • 1+ hours of direct time with an expert chef (this can be 1:1, or you can have a few people in your home)
    • Instructions and recipes for the listed skills/dishes
    • Time to answer any kitchen questions you might have! Think “office hours” with a chef.
    • Detailed ingredient list for pre-experience shopping and prep
    • Some Delicious Experiences include recipes for recreating the dishes
    • Any other resources at the chef/instructor’s discretion, such as pre-recorded videos, additional reading or online materials
    • Access to the Delicious Experiences Concierge team for questions before, during and after your experience

    **The listed price does not include ingredients or equipment**

  19. What is your cancellation/refund policy? What if I need to reschedule?

    Since all experiences are private and do not run unless you are there, we have a strict cancellation policy of 72 hour advance notice. Any cancellation made within 72 hours will not be refundable. With enough notice (prior to 72 hours), your experience can be rescheduled with your chef. You may transfer your experience to another guest, just please let us know so that we can change notification details.

  20. Will you provide an ingredient list?

    Absolutely! Once you book you will receive a detailed ingredients list, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need. You might even find that you have many of the ingredients already in your house for a given class. Our chefs are trained to improvise as needed, but we strongly recommend coming prepared as per the chef’s instructions to maximize your Delicious Experience.

  21. Do I get to keep the recipes?

    Yes! Our chefs are encouraged to provide you with detailed recipes to use after your workshop, although materials provided are at the discretion of the chef.

  22. Do I need any special tools?

    Delicious Experiences are designed for home cooks with home cooking equipment. With that said, some experiences and techniques require special tools, especially when it comes to baking or pasta-making. We’re big believers in ‘no surprises’, which is why each chef’s experience offering page notes exactly what kitchen tools you’ll need. If you would like to do a workshop that requires special tools, please leave yourself enough time to purchase anything required!

  23. Can you accommodate food allergies/intolerances?

    Delicious Experiences chefs create their own menus and offerings, so we cannot guarantee that special accommodations can be granted across the board for every listed experience. However, our chefs are glad to make menu adjustments based on your unique needs and preferences with enough advance notice! One great advantage of this setting is the safety of using your own kitchen, minimizing chances of cross-contamination frequently encountered in restaurant settings.

  24. In which languages are the experiences offered?

    You can view the languages spoken on each of the culinary expert’s offering page.

  25. I have more questions. Who can help?

    You can contact us with any questions that you may have! We are always happy to hear from you.