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What Is The Importance Of Team Building (Especially Remotely)?

3 mins read

Jun 14, 2021

Team building activities can bring people together, encourage teamwork, and boost collaboration amongst team members. Of course, we all want to see increased productivity, and team building is the best way to do that! So what is the importance of team building, especially when it comes to remote work?

Recognizing the importance of team building helps you foster stronger bonds among team members, improve workplace satisfaction, and even boost motivation and productivity!

Plus, it’s a great way to improve communication between a diverse group of people striving toward common goals.

What Is The Importance Of Team Building?

Team building usually consists of enjoyable (often creative) activities that help foster connections between team members.

But one of the biggest reasons to focus on the importance of team building is improving results!

Fun, motivational team building events help boost a bunch of factors, like:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Motivation

The more connected your team members are to each other, the better they’ll be able to work together. And perhaps more importantly, the more they’ll want to create incredible results for your business.

Reasons To Focus On Team Building, Even During Remote Work

The importance of team building is clear, but there are even more specific reasons to focus on team-building. Especially when it comes to working remotely, you might be wondering whether the importance of team building is the same.

Here’s the truth: team building is always important! It creates a positive work environment, even remotely, which helps you retain your best workers, boost productivity, and build relationships virtually.

Team Building Helps With Networking, Socializing, and Familiarity

Networking, socializing, and building friendships are some of the best parts of a good job. Even better, connections between team members can help boost productivity and morale!

But when a team works remotely, how do you foster those connections?

Team building is so important when working remotely so that your team feels connected. Through short activities, like check-ins and a dedicated chit-chat message space, you’ll replicate those day-to-day connections.

But planning more thoughtful team-building activities, like a virtual wine tasting for the whole team, makes a huge impact!

Team Building Helps Support Team Work

Aside from building relationships, it’s important to acknowledge the importance of team building for supporting collaboration and conversation.

Working together requires a shared understanding. When team members are working on projects or toward common goals, knowing and understanding each other helps them communicate better and collaborate on a deeper level.

Plus, when everyone knows each other beyond the surface level, they all are more likely to contribute their best work to support the whole team. If you want your team to go above and beyond, investing in team-building activities is the way to go.

Enjoyable Activities Boosts Employee Satisfaction and Retention (& Productivity!)

The best way to boost employee retention is to focus on improving employee engagement and satisfaction. Just like you celebrate wins at home, celebrate wins at work!

There’s so much more to work than just crossing off to-do lists. If you want to have productive employees who stick around, you need to focus on cultivating enjoyable experiences!

Even if your entire team is remote, you’re going to see much better results when you consistently implement the importance of team building.

Team Building Helps Foster Creativity & Innovation

When people are happy, they’re more creative, innovative, and willing to work harder! If you want to experience creativity and innovation, team building could be the solution.

Creative collaboration and discussing new ideas can be tricky. But team building helps alleviate the strain, boost relationships, and cultivate much more productive creative ideas and conversations.

Think about it—you’re likely much more willing to present a bold idea to people you’re already comfortable with! You’ll trust that they’ll listen, and won’t be worried about being shut down.

Your Team Will Work Better Together

Of course, improved communication helps people work better together. Team building helps alleviate stress by creating a friendly, positive atmosphere, even remotely!

People will be more comfortable talking to each other, working together, and solving problems cohesively after team-building events.

Now That You Know The Importance Of Team Building, Here Are Some Ideas

Understanding the importance of team building is just the first step. Now, how do you actually plan fun, engaging remote team-building events?

Delicious Experiences is here to help! We create 100% online, fully customizable experiences for companies of any size. We’re able to ship ingredients to your participants, or they can shop for themselves.

We’ve hosted private wine tastings, whisky appreciation courses, cooking classes, and cocktail explorations, to name a few.

Our role is to handle everything and give you a seamless, positive experience without extra stress! Everything is highly personalized and designed to be as fun and engaging as possible.

If you’re ready to start focusing on the importance of team building, our virtual culinary experiences are the perfect solution.

We can create the perfect team-building event for you—learn more here!


Delicious Experiences helps companies bring remote teams together to celebrate and deepen their bond, strengthen connections with clients, and improve employee happiness. Our unique culinary experiences focus on bringing people together through engaging, fun, virtual, hands-on events that help catapult your teams and clients to a different time and place.

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