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7 Reasons You Should Gift Experiences Instead Of Presents

4 mins read

May 31, 2021

Let’s face it—sometimes, figuring out what to give someone as a present is really challenging. Surprising someone with a meaningful, unique gift is a great feeling. That’s why gift experiences are an amazing idea!

Gift experiences are meaningful, surprising, and often, much more impactful. There are so many reasons to consider giving an experience. No matter who you’re looking to buy something for, gift experiences are an incredible idea.

Why Do So Many Of Us Avoid Gifting Experiences?

When most of us think about purchasing a gift, we imagine heading to the store, picking something off the shelf, and boxing it up neatly. We imagine something that the person wants or needs, all wrapped up.

Most physical gifts are a one-time moment. While there are certainly meaningful presents, gift experiences can be so much more special!

Although most people feel like a physical gift is the way to go, experiences create lasting, deeper feelings of happiness. They let you create memories, and have multiple layers of excitement built right in!

One of the main reasons that people don’t choose gift experiences is how ingrained presents are in our minds. Lots of us just forget that gift experiences are an option.

7 Reasons to Gift Experiences Instead Of Material Items

Choosing gift experiences instead of material gifts might seem a little overwhelming. But once you start doing this, you’re never going to go back.

There are so many incredible reasons to gift experiences, but here are seven of our favorites!

1. Gift Experiences Let You Get Excited More Than Once

Gift experiences are so exciting because they’re different. These types of presents seem so meaningful, and usually, they’re such a surprise!

Depending on what the actual gift experience is, you’ll get to give someone a gift two times over.

When you actually give them the experience by letting them know about it, they’re going to be so excited. Then, there’s the anticipation and excitement of waiting for whatever it is. Finally, they get to actually experience the gift and create lasting memories.

Think about a trip, class, spa day, or event you were going to attend. Knowing about it and getting excited for it is actually one of the best parts!

2. Experiences Provide More Actual Value Than Physical Gifts

So many people overlook gift experiences in favor of material gifts. But did you know that gift experiences are actually a better value — both financially and in terms of happiness?

A physical gift might seem more affordable in the moment. But there are other factors involved, too! When you’re giving someone a gift, you want to create something special and show them how much you care.

Gift experiences are the perfect way to do just that. And long-term, most people actually end up seeing gift experiences as more valuable in every way!

3. Gift Experiences Are Social In Nature

Unlike unwrapping a physical present, gift experiences are often a really social experience.

When you buy a gift experience, you’re likely planning it for you and that person, that person and someone else, or a whole group.

Especially with fun activities like cooking classes or wine tastings, things are so much fun when done socially! Your entire group will get to create amazing, shared experiences and memories together.

This helps form deeper relationships, which makes us happier long-term. No matter where you are in your life or who you’re buying for, gift experiences are the perfect way to boost your relationships.

4. They Are Unique And Stand Out As More Meaningful

Gift experiences are super unique. That helps them stand out from the crowd and be more meaningful! If you’re looking to show someone how much you care about them with a gift, experiences are the way to go.

One reason for this is that we naturally compare ourselves to others. There’s always something newer, more expensive, or more advanced out there for physical gifts.

But comparison really is the thief of joy. And gift experiences don’t create that problem! Instead, they’re inherently seen as more emotionally valuable and meaningful—you seem to really care about making others happy.

5. We’re Able To Create Lasting Memories

This has already come up a few times, but creating lasting memories is one of the biggest benefits of gift experiences.

Physical gifts last “longer” than experiences timewise. But the powerful, happy memories created during gift experiences can truly last a lifetime!

One thing to note is that for experiences to be powerful, they have to be thoughtful. Your friends, employees, and family will be so enamored with gift experiences when you carefully select them!

If your friend dreams about being a master chef, a cooking class could be a great choice. If your mom loves wine, try a virtual wine pairing event. If your sister desperately needs some self-care, a spa day is always a good idea!

When you select an event that you won’t be involved in, it’s still going to create a shared memory. The recipient will be so excited and grateful, and sharing it with you afterward is going to be another experience, too.

6. Gift Experiences Can Revolve Around Learning Something New

Taking the time to learn something new is an incredible experience. But normally, we don’t consider these opportunities in our day-to-day lives. That’s why gift experiences offer a unique chance to surprise someone with something they’ve dreamed about doing.

Plus, skills are lifelong. Things like cake decorating classes or the perfect craft cocktail are going to last a lifetime.

Imagine giving your friend or family member something so special that it sparks a passion! That’s what gift experiences do.

7. Gift Experiences Are Perfect For People Who Are Hard To Shop For

Let’s face it. We all know someone who’s just impossible to buy presents for!

Whether they already have everything or they just don’t have any unique passions, presents can be really tough.

But gift experiences show how much you know and care about someone! A gift experience is an opportunity to tackle something on the bucket list, learn something new, or just enjoy a fun time.

Giving gifts is one of the best parts of celebrating any big event. But gift experiences let you take gifting to a whole new level! You’ll show the recipient how much you care while giving them something unique, impactful, and lasting.


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