About this experience

East meets west with Middle Eastern-influenced vegetarian tacos bursting with colour and flavour. Chef Roy will focus on bringing out umami flavors through a journey into the world of delicious veggies, spices, ancient legumes, grains, and creamy dressings. Learn the keys to properly approaching vegetables so you can achieve perfect textures, and how to combine flavours that make ingredients sing. You will learn how to make a delicious flatbread ‘taco’ base with three different rich, healthy vegetarian fillings delicious enough for even the most ardent carnivore.

Vegetable Umami: Middle Eastern Veggie Tacos

What to expect

You and Chef Roy Ner will meet in your kitchen (over video chat) to cook, taste, share stories, and acquire valuable skills that will last well beyond your time together.


This Delicious Experience is not a pre-recorded cooking video, big Zoom gathering, or the kind of online course where your eyes glaze over; it is a one-of-a-kind private experience where you will work together with Chef Roy Ner to create something amazing in your kitchen.


After booking, you will communicate with the chef to adapt the experience and menu to your tastes and interests, then receive a customized ingredients list.


Prior to your online cooking class we will provide you with a Zoom link and any assistance you may need to connect to the experience from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Connect up to 2 screens to share the experience with friends or family. Contact us for discounted rates on additional screens.

Chef Roy Ner

Meet Chef Roy Ner

Roy Ner is an Israeli-born award-winning celebrity chef with an exceptional talent for food that has taken Sydney food-lovers by storm. As Executive Chef at Nour, he combines Israeli culinary influences with Australia’s freshest ingredients. Roy has a life-long passion for food and cooking, especially trying new, innovative flavours and textures drawn from his eclectic heritage which has exposed him to a myriad of exotic tastes, and herbs & spices from the Middle East region and beyond. Roy particularly loves to highlight flavours from old and new cooking, blending cultures and ingredients together to showcase a unique culinary experience. Roy has appeared on programs such The Chef’s Line on Netflix & SBS and on Australia’s Studio 10.

2 hours
Gourmet Vegetarian
Skill level

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