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Recognized by the UN as one of the world's greatest "city of gastronomy", the capital of Sichuan, Chengdu, is known for sophistication of its cooking and the amazing diversity of ingredients and dishes. In this experience, Chef Wendy will teach you the techniques and understanding of flavor pairing required to cook sumptuous Sichuan meals and, of course, explore the rich cultural essence of Sichuan cuisine. Chef Wendy will bring you into her family's treasured dishes that she learned growing up in China. Mix this with her upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee, and her current career catering meals from her backyard farm in East LA, and you have the perfect storm for a fun and entertaining learning experience.

Spice Up Your Life with Sichuan Cuisine

What to expect

You and Chef Wendy Zeng will meet in your kitchen (over video chat) to cook, taste, share stories, and acquire valuable skills that will last well beyond your time together.


This Delicious Experience is not a pre-recorded cooking video, big Zoom gathering, or the kind of online course where your eyes glaze over; it is a one-of-a-kind private experience where you will work together with Chef Wendy Zeng to create something amazing in your kitchen.


After booking, you will communicate with the chef to adapt the experience and menu to your tastes and interests, then receive a customized ingredients list.


Prior to your online cooking class we will provide you with a Zoom link and any assistance you may need to connect to the experience from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Connect up to 2 screens to share the experience with friends or family. Contact us for discounted rates on additional screens.

Chef Wendy Zeng

Meet Chef Wendy Zeng

As a Chengdu native, Chef Wendy Zeng spent her formative years in her grandfather’s kitchen, immersed in the flavors and techniques of the region’s complex cuisine and mastering the intricacies of the region’s diverse palate. At the age of 10, she moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where she discovered Southern BBQ and soul food. She realized that, similar to Sichuan cuisine, Southern food is about family, history, and the dishes that bring us together. Her culinary style weaves together the flavors and techniques of her familial roots with LA’s local influences. As the host of thematic pop-ups and supper clubs, she brings the values of her childhood to every table, fostering community through flavorful dining experiences.

2 hours
Sichuan Cooking
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