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If you’re still wondering what Israeli cuisine really is, or already know a little bit and want to turn your own kitchen into a meditteranean haven, this session is for you! Together, we will explore Israeli Food 101 including how the mosaic of influences like immigration and religion shaped the way modern Israelis cook and eat. Are you curious about what it means to eat like an Israeli? Let us walk you through our markets, teach you about the world’s best ingredients, and introduce you (virtually) to the most special characters! We will of course enjoy some tastes together as we use ingredients you may (or may not yet!) know and love to new heights with spices and condiments and the now-famous shakshuka.

Instantly Israeli

What to expect

You and Delicious Israel will meet in your kitchen (over video chat) to cook, taste, share stories, and acquire valuable skills that will last well beyond your time together.


This Delicious Experience is not a pre-recorded cooking video, big Zoom gathering, or the kind of online course where your eyes glaze over; it is a one-of-a-kind private experience where you will work together with Delicious Israel to create something amazing in your kitchen.


After booking, you will communicate with the chef to adapt the experience and menu to your tastes and interests, then receive a customized ingredients list.


Prior to your online cooking class we will provide you with a Zoom link and any assistance you may need to connect to the experience from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Connect up to 5 screens to share the experience with friends or family. Contact us for discounted rates on additional screens.

 Delicious Israel

Meet Delicious Israel

When it comes to Israeli food and culture, it doesn’t get more expert than Delicious Israel. With over 10 years of experience providing food tours, cooking workshops and consulting in the world of Israeli food, we’ve captured the magic of this cuisine through its people and are ready to bring it to you wherever you are in the world. We know those special tips and tricks you only get from the grandmothers whose families have been making these dishes for generations, combined with the insider knowledge of the most exciting and innovative modern Israeli food scene.

1.5 hours
Skill level

Ready for a Delicious Experience with Delicious Israel?

Total Price: $450