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Andre Chalson

Learn and discover the stories behind critically acclaimed brews with internationally award-winning sake sommelier, Andre Chalson

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About this experience

Explore the world of sake with confidence. As a sake specialist, Andre will guide you through the basics of sake, with a focus on the history, sake ingredients and production methods. The intimate Sake Journey can be adapted to any level, whether you have never had the pleasure to sip sake previously, or whether you are a sake expert. Andre started his sake journey under the tutelage of 3rd generation sake meikiki, Hironori Hayashi of Sakenomise Hayashi in Fukui, Japan, and is looking forward to getting you started on your sake journey.

Sake Journeys

What to expect

You and Andre Chalson will meet in your home (over video chat) to explore the world of sake together.

This experience can be customized to your tastes and preferences and is ideal whether you are new to the sake world and want to learn the fundamentals of sake appreciation, or an avid collector looking to delve deeper into your own collection.


This Delicious Experience is not a pre-recorded video, big Zoom gathering, or the kind of online course where your eyes glaze over; it is a one-of-a-kind private experience where you and Andre Chalson will spend time together tasting, learning, sharing stories, and acquiring a deeper understanding and appreciation for sake.


After booking, you will communicate directly with Andre Chalson to adapt the experience to your tastes, interests, and sake collection.


Prior to your online sake class we will provide you with a Zoom link and any assistance you may need to connect to the experience from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Connect up to 2 screens to share the experience with friends or family. Contact us for discounted rates on additional screens.

Andre Chalson

Meet Andre Chalson

Andre Chalson started his sake journey under the tutelage of 3rd generation sake meikiki, Hironori Hayashi of Sakenomise Hayashi in Fukui, Japan. He is accredited as a certified International kikisake-shi (sake sommelier) by the Sake Services Institute in Japan and was one of 25 people nominated internationally for the prestigious Sake Samurai Award/Title in Japan.

Andre is the founder and managing director of Singapore-based Mead Pte Ltd, which specializes in the import and distribution of craft sake and shochu, quality Japanese produce, seasonal seafood, and wagyu. Mead provides exclusive sake, shochu, and fresh ingredients from Japan to progressive restaurants in Singapore, including Tippling Club, Odette, Nouri, Restaurant Jag, Adrift, and Spago, as well as coveted Japanese eateries including Sushi Kou, Shoukowa, Jinjo, and Takayama. His passion for absolute premium quality beverages drives him in his pursuit to search for top quality sake brands and to discover the stories behind them; and introducing the brand stories to drink lovers in Singapore.

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