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One thing that I’ve noticed in every country around the world is that there is a history of tea. And in my opinion its one of the oldest mixed drinks in the world! But what separates tea from say cocktails or coffee? It’s the time devoted to it. Tea is not a rushed process, its a devotion and appreciation to time and preparation. This time is used across the world for a variety of purposes like celebration, relaxation, preparation, mourning, and even times of introduction. Through this course you will learn how to utilize tea in cocktails. We will review how to make tea syrups, infusing a spirit with tea, creating a cocktail with tea, and a few recipes including tea that can be made at home. The cocktail that we will be making is an interactive cocktail. You have the option to infuse your cocktail fully, partially, or not at all.

Experiential Cocktails for Tea Lovers

What to expect

You and TJ Vong will meet in your home (over video chat) to shake, stir, taste, share stories, and delve into the world of cocktails. You will not only have a great time but also acquire valuable skills that will last well beyond your time together.


This Delicious Experience is not a pre-recorded video, big Zoom gathering, or the kind of online course where your eyes glaze over; it is a one-of-a-kind private experience where you and TJ Vong will work together to create something amazing together.


After booking, you will communicate directly with TJ Vong to adapt the experience to your tastes, interests, skill level, and alcohol preferences.


Prior to the online cocktail class we will provide you with a Zoom link and any assistance you may need to connect to the experience from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Connect up to 2 screens to share the experience with friends or family. Contact us for discounted rates on additional screens.

TJ Vong

Meet TJ Vong

TJ Vong has assisted in the development of multiple unique bar programs across Colorado as well as become one of the United States' most competitive bartenders, named bartender of the year in Denver, Colorado two years in a row. He has competed in over 30 competitions all over the United States and Mexico. He specializes in Japanese flavors, techniques, and whisky with his unique ability to create cocktail experiences. He is BarSmarts certified making him knowledgeable in blind tasting of spirits & cocktails, as well as knowledgeable about cocktail history, culture, and spirits. His success in cocktail competitions like Herradura Legends, Diageo Garnish Games, Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender, and Patron Perfectionists where he was classified as one of the top 20 bartenders in the world, fuels his creativity to imagine outside of the box and combine the culinary world with cocktails. His cocktails are globally inspired and takes inspiration from global adventures he takes in search of culture, techniques, flavors, and ingredients to help broaden his knowledge.

1 hour
Cocktail Creation
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